Encourage a Growth Mindset with Flexibility for Teachers

Awesome Adventure Series Level 4
Core Bundle



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The Awesome Adventure Series Level 4 Core Bundle is a collection of:

  • 4 ESL textbooks
  • Super Awesome Songs CD1
  • 4 Comic Storybooks
  • Activities, Games, Dance. Language Puzzles and Video Trainings
  • Awesome Teacher Materials including: Flashcards, Lesson Plans, and printable Homework for students

The AAS Level 4 Core Bundle...

  • Encourages a Growth Mindset - Kids Experience that, "I did it feeling" of Successful Learning with a Systemized Student Evaluation that isn't Pass/Fail!
  • Builds in Flexibility for Teachers through Ongoing Needs Analysis providing a Range of Aims that...

equip you for AMAZING ESL kids classes

See AAS in action below.

If you've ever felt frustrated wasting time retooling your ESL textbook (substituing songs, stories and activities,) the Awesome Adventure Series Level 4 Core Bundle is for you.

Let's face it, most ESL textbooks are awful. They're outdated and don't enable effective communication.

Have you ever used popular ESL textbooks with random characters, in ambiguous positions, speaking isolated sentences, with no real discourse?

Do things like context and rich images affect student motivation? Here's an example to consider.

Why not ditch the extra work of supplementing your text with songs, stories and activities?

The Awesome Adventure Series is a true COMMUNICATION COURSE that pulls together, songs, stories and activities that get learners thinking.

Ignite your students' motivation and interest for learning English! Your kids WILL have a blast flipping through the pages of rich images.

Give young learners a sense of autonomy as they choose their own adventure in AAS manga storybooks!

Why Buy the Awesome Adventure Series Core Bundle?

  • Stellar songs Kids Can't Get Out of Their Heads
  • Stories that draw learners in through an interesting plot and crazy FUN characters
  • Fun Activities and Games designed for communication between students
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Kids music doesn't have to be BAD -
they vote with their voices and attention!

  • The search for catchy songs that kids love is over. Super Awesome Songs CD1 has CRUSHED boring ESL music.
  • Have a listen below...

Awesome Adventure Series Story Songs

What makes the Awesome Adventure Series a distinct communication course?

  • WARNING: These story songs help them understand the story A LOT better
  • Boost confidence - empower student choice - provide learning strategies - Let AAS comic storybooks do the heavy lifting ┏( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)┛
  • Re-fuel their motivation for learning. AAS has a plot that runs like a champ through the entire course!
  • Caters to a variety of learning channels with colors, inputs, games and movement

If you're over WASTING TIME retooling your current ESL textbook (that is more like a grammar syllabus anyways) get a COMMUNICATION COURSE based on actual EFL best practices!

“I think it is well-structured, visually motivating and really effective.”

- Carme

What if your students could learn new songs through a captivating story?
How would this effect your ability to keep your learners engaged?


Manga as Lyric Sheets? Seriously?
YES! Story Songs Help Students Get (the Story) Better!

  • Teach and reinforce song lyrics through manga style comic storybooks used as lyric sheets and FUN games!
  • Keep ESL learners engaged while they learn the words to the song, practice 'Wh_ questions and clarify the langauge!
  • Give kids their best chance to sing...COURAGEOUSLY!

Kids Enjoy Awesome Adventure Series because of the:

  • Songs they easily pick up
  • Interactive stories where they decide what's next
  • FUN tasks and games designed for communication

The Awesome Adventure Series positions teachers to:

  • Activate your students' brains better through a holistic learning approach by leveraging stellar songs, stories, activities and games.
  • Give your kids exposure to captivating texts that focusing on overall meaning before diving into form, function and English language use!

Your Students Abilities CAN Change!

Motivate Your Learners Towards a Growth Mindset Today with Awesome Adventure Series

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